Hi. My name is Chris Perkins. Welcome to my blog.

When I set up the website for the new business, I deliberately kept it very simple. A single page that outlines what the business is about and the services I offer alongside a simple call to action if people want to contact me – phone, email, direct message…..and a blog!

The blog is important, because the blog tells you all the things written between the lines on the first page. The blog tells you about me.

I guess there will be quite a few people who know me who are reading this blog – friends, people who have worked with me, people who have worked with me who have become friends – there’s a Venn diagram in there somewhere.

I’m sure a lot of them have read the main page of my site and thought – ‘Oh My God, where has all that management speak come from – that’s not Chris, its a text book – Chris Perkins doesn’t talk like that. What have they done with him?’

And they’d be right. I don’t talk like that, I don’t talk in management speak, it generally leaves me cold. I can do if I want to, but I generally find it’s not the most effective way to speak to people to get an idea across. It’s not natural. It’s on my page here because it is a concise and direct way to communicate what I offer – to people who don’t know me.

Not speaking in management speak is not to say I can’t manage. I would like to think I’m good at managing – managing people, customers, projects, brands, strategies, budgets (everything except my wife and children really!).

I just do it in a different way. I think I do it in a charismatic, passionate and honest way – I think that is where I’m different and why I can make a success of managing my own business and new clients, bringing both structure and direction, as well as innovation and inspiration. Hopefully the people who know me think the same.

Which is why I have a blog. I’d like to think I can be myself in here. I can still talk about all the things in my business that I’m really passionate about – all the things I really want to do over the next few years – all the things I want to achieve – but do it in a way where I feel more comfortable…and make people (you!) feel more comfortable in the process.

I don’t want to one of those agency who drown you in a sea of management speak and make you feel like you should be spending money with them at the risk of looking stupid if you don’t. I’ve been there, spent that money and have ultimately been disappointed.

I want to be one of those people who make a connection, explain to you what I can offer and why it will benefit in a way you will be comfortable with – and also in a way you will be inspired and excited to move forward. That’s how I want to work – by getting people onside and enthused about the path ahead – because they can visualise and feel it. Not just be left with a well presented powerpoint deck and an invoice.

I’m new to blogs. I do a blog for my book (I’ve written a book you know, ‘Lets Talk About Six’, it’s available on Amazon and in Waterstones – boom, another blatant plug) and I love it. It gives you the opportunity to just express yourself and it gives others a chance to understand you more. It’s a bit daunting at first – just putting yourself ‘out there’, but I would like to think it helps people buy into my book – and now, my business.

So that’s me and my blog. Hopefully not too long – I would prefer to do these little and often – rather than biblical and sporadic. Please feel free to comment. And please share…You all know me – I need to find more people who don’t!

Have a great weekend!!